Our Facility

Bridging the missing link in dental education

Our aim is to provide individualised learning.
A problem solving approach with principles of evidenced based practice & outcome.
This is to help the clinician to determine the proper treatment approach.
To encourage, develop and instil critical knowledge for the student to have clinical confidence and competence in a general practice.


  • This need to be executed in a systematic order to allow gathering of critical information to help our patients
  • Teaching and comprehensive treatment planning within patient centered care model
  • Are the patient’s functional, aesthetic, psychological or perceived a needs for treatment assessed?
  • If the dentist cannot understand the patient’s desires, there is little chance that the appropriate treatment for that patient will be selected
  • The new patient examination provides not only a forum for diagnosing disease but also a method of establishing a connection with the patient

Treatment planning is no longer simply a result of diagnosis. It is a complex process that involves a combination of diagnostic information, patient desires, evidence-based outcome data, and a thorough review of the treatment alternatives. The culmination of this process should be the dentist choosing the most appropriate treatment for an individual patient”

What makes a good educator?

  • Lectures that are planned to meet specific needs of the student
  • We engage our students early in the program by clearly explaining the objectives and learning outcomes of each module
  • We create that special curiosity and interest with interactive learning experiences
  • We check your progress though continuous assessment
  • Continuous feedback and encouragement

Our facilities

Philosophy of treatment

Complants & Expectations

  • We must have a philosophy of treatment for an optimal outcome
  • What is the patient’s chief concern?
  • Where do we start?
  • One of the most dangerous diseases is diagnosis
  • Naturally, there is one diagnosis
  • Critical decision making
  • Can we deliver?

What makes a good student?

  • A positive attitude towards study
  • A passion for the chosen course subject
  • An ability to persevere and complete tasks
  • An inquiring mind
  • Believe in Life-Long Learning
  • Believe in Yourself
  • Welcome to our faculty
  • Live patient demonstrations and patient treatment are facilitated by the state of the art operatories
  • Following thorough examination, diagnosis and treatment planning and discussion of evidenced based treatment outcomes with patient centred treatment planning
  • The student is encouraged to attend with their patients and be part of this tremendous learning experience under the guidance of the Specialist