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Minimal Intervention Composite Rehabilitation Program

    Biology drives the treatment-restorative process

    Your knowledge and skills will be challenged continuously throughout the course, changing your paradigm. Each module has assignments and assessments that include case presentations & interactive discussions with mentors and students. Candidates are expected to be familiar with current scientific literature.

    Module 1

    Diagnostics & Photography

    • Essentials in treatment planning
    • Digital Photography
    • Diagnostics
    • Think like a specialist
    • (20 CPD)
    Module 2

    Treatment Planning

    • To review established & new concepts in the diagnosis and treatment planning
    • Risk factors: what are they? Does it change?
    Module 3

    Occlusion & TMD

    • Occlusion underpins dentistry
    • (20 CPD)
    • Essentials in understanding TMD and importance of occlusion
    Module 4

    Composite Reconstructions

    • You’re the Artiste?
    • So learn how to show and tell
    Module 5

    Tooth Wear Management Treatment Options

    This is the most important area of routine dental treatment in everyday clinical practice

    Module 6

    Periodontics & Aesthetic Dentistry

    The role of aesthetic periodontal surgery and its application to aesthetic dentistry is simplified to allow the clinician to master this important concept

    Module 7

    Minimal Intervention Ultra-Thin Porcelain No “Prep” Veneers

    This is the most requested treatment in contemporary practice

    Module 8

    Fixed Prosthodontics-Impressions Preps Posts

    Traditional Prosthodontics at its best!

    Module 9

    Removable Prosthodontics

    This systems are tried and tested longer than implants

    Module 10

    Implant Prosthodontics-Surgical Planning

    Implant dentistry is restoratively drive

    Module 11

    Dentofacial Aesthetics

    This is an art & science

    And not simply about fillers and antiwrinkle treatment

    Module 12

    Full mouth reconstructions

    This is an art & science

    And not simplyplacing full crowns in both jaws

    Its about providing optimal OVD intra and inter-arch relationships and correct tooth form/shape in 3D position as its related to the face.

    Candidate must complete all modules required for certificate and diploma degrees.

    Missing modules by candidate will delay the graduation and candidate must wait for a year to complete the modules with the new coming group prior to graduation. Unless special provisions are met and passed by the academy of examiners and may incur additional fees. Dental treatment outside the confines of selected cases and within time frame of the course will not contribute to the coursework requirements.

    To help you with your cases, we encourage you to bring your patients to our centre and treat them under the specialist’s guidance. A Special Timetable will be constructed to meet candidates demands for specific procedures indicated and discussed with your mentor with patient consultations, consent etc. as this is a real-life clinical learning experience.


    $14,500 (Modules 1-6)

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    Diploma: $25,000 (Modules 1-12)

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