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Privacy Policy

I. Purpose
The purpose of this policy is to disclaim the appropriate methods that must be taken regarding the handling of personal and private information at the College.
II. Scope
The Privacy Policy will only apply to the students and employees of the College. If students or staff choose to communicate with the College through online services, such online services will be subject to their own privacy policy, and may in fact collect, record and store your personal information. The College also affirms that associates, such as companies or organisations that we work with do not need to comply with the privacy policy.
III. Privacy Management
The College will collect, hold and store your personal information to ensure that we can meet any legal obligations as well as for any of the following;
  1. Students: information may be held for admission or enrolment purposes, academic means, graduation, access to College services, fees, taxation or alumni activities.
  2. Employees: payment purposes, hand-outs, research applications, access to College services, fees, taxation or access to research funding. The College may also collect and utilise your information for purposes that are reasonable and necessary for activities associated with the College. This may include correspondence or informing you of college activities. The College will seek your consent for the use and disclosure of personal information, apart from when it is authorised or allowed by law.
IV. Roles and Responsibilities
The College must uphold the following roles and responsibilities to comply with the privacy policy;
  1. The College must maintain and control the privacy policy, updating it when required.
  2. The College must administer, monitor and comply with this policy. Importantly, the College must ensure that staff are completely informed of its contents and assist them when responding to complaints or potential breaches of the privacy policy.
  3. When a breach or complaint is recorded, it is the role of the College to receive, respond and resolve the issue.
It is the duty of Staff and Students to adhere to the following roles and responsibilities to comply with the privacy policy;
  1. Students and staff are responsible for ensuring that their conduct and practices associated with their studies comply with the privacy policy and any associated procedures that the College enforces.
  2. It is the duty of the staff and students to acknowledge and report any complaints or potential breaches of the privacy policy immediately after becoming aware of it.
V. Your rights to personal information
All staff and students of the College had the right to request permission to access or amend your personal information. This is subject to any legal obligations assumed by the College to retain and use the information. If there is an error or mistake associated with your personal information, you may request the College to amend the issue, of which the College will comply unless there is a valid reason not to do so. Before any changes to personal information are made, the subject must prove their identity to the College.
VI. Breaches of the privacy policy
Any breaches or complaints associated with the privacy policy will be dealt with directly by the College and may result in disciplinary action being taken.
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