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Special Consideration Policy

The purpose of special consideration is to ensure that students can access fair and equitable treatment if adversely impacted by events that are out of their control. These events will inhibit their ability to complete, practice or prepare for an assessment task.
I. Eligibility
The outcome of your application is dependent on the degree to which your studies have been impacted and the duration of time in which this has occurred. Note that anything other than short term duration issues, such as on-going medical issues will be dealt with via disability services rather than special consideration. In order to be eligible for special consideration, one of the following criteria must be met;
  1. The events that occurred were uncalled for and beyond the control of the student,
  2. The student’s performance was significantly impacted, hindering their ability,
  3. The events were unavoidable and prevented the student from attending, completing or submitting an assessment task with a due date
  4. Examples of conditions that would meet special consideration eligibility include;
  5. Illness or injury in the time period leading up to an assessment task (usually within three days) or on the day of an examination.
  6. Emotional disturbance or the death of a person close to the student
  7. Trauma or psychological lapse
  8. Technical Issues with online examination
  9. Jury Duty or essential legal requirements
  10. Birth/adoption
  11. vii. Essential religious commitments
I. Non-Eligibility
Circumstances under which a student will not be eligible for special consideration include, but are not limited to;
  1. Minor illness to the extent that the student would have been able to complete the assessment task
  2. Public transport delay
  3. Personal events, for example birthdays or weddings
  4. Travel plans
  5. Inability to effectively balance your workload
II. Requirements for Special Consideration
Applications for special consideration must be made before or within three business days after, the examination or assessment submission date and must be supported by documented evidence such as;
  1. A medical certificate issued by a health practitioner
  2. Police report
  3. Official document from a governing authority
  4. Death certificate or obituary
  5. Letter confirming required attendance in court
  6. Letter from religious leader or group
  7. Hospital admission/discharge papers
  8. Screenshot/s of the technical issue or proof of communication with staff at the time of issue.
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