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Webinar 18

Treating A Dislodged Crown

Tuesday 27 July at 08:00 pm.

We explore the difficult choice of saving the tooth or replacing it when faced with a dislodged crown tooth. Do molars deserve a chance to be saved? This webinar discusses a real-world example of a 48-year old female presenting with constant dislodgement of a crown on tooth 37. This webinar will be a comprehensive discussion around diagnosis, short-term and long-term treatment options.

This webinar will be run by Dr Sarkis — prosthodontist. Dr Sarkis Nalbandian will discuss the complexity of this treatment and the importance of correct planning to achieve a clinically satisfactory outcome.

Today patients are presenting with more complex aesthetic concerns are living longer, and aesthetic demands are increasing. Patient at age 48 years presenting with constant dislodgement of a gold crown on tooth 37. My dentist says I need implant replacement as my tooth is too short to hold the crown.

  • “I want a solution to this constant discomfort. I want to eat again confidently.”

Dental treatment in the past has resulted in a functional disturbance. We explore crown retention and resistance basics in helping our patients simplify the treatment modalities and improve their quality of life with reduced financial and biological costs.

  • What factors would you consider when attending to the patient’s request?
  • What questions would you ask the patient?
  • What is your diagnosis
  • What would be your treatment plan?

We discuss the following and more:

  • Real-world case studies.
  • A 48-year-old patient with constant dislodgement of a gold crown on tooth 37
  • Diagnosis, short-term and long-term treatment options