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Webinar 27

Repair & Regeneration
in Endodontics

Tuesday 30 November starting at 08:00 pm.

Frightened of the pulp?

This webinar will discuss contemporary vital pulp treatment which is part of the theme of regenerative endodontics such as pulp capping, pulpotomy, new materials and stem cell-based therapies and how these may alter your perception of endodontic treatment into a more biological way of treating the root canal system.

This webinar presented by Dr Christine Premdas-Rogers, will discuss these therapies and how they can be applied in our practices when faced with an exposed pulp injured by caries, trauma or restorative procedures.It will include the benefits of vital pulp therapy to our patients, the evidence-based guidelines for undertaking vital pulp therapy and the rationale for the selection of restorative materials

  • What questions would you ask the patient?
  • What is your diagnosis?
  • What would be your treatment plan?

This webinar will be conducted by Endodontist Dr Christine Premdas-Rogers and Prosthodontist Dr Sarkis Nalbandian who will discuss the complexity of this treatment and the importance of correct planning to achieve clinically satisfactory outcome

Christine Premdas-Rogers

BDS MSc (Endo) MRACDS (Endo) MRD RCS (Eng)


Christine is an experienced specialist endodontist. She has worked in referral practice and as an academic lecturer in endodontics both here in Australia and the UK. While a lecturer at the renowned Eastman Dental Institute in London she taught many undergraduates and future endodontic specialists. She left the UK in 2013 attracted to the great weather and lifestyle of Sydney.
Currently Christine works in referral practice in Western Sydney and Mosman. She looks forward to sharing some of her passion for endodontics with you on November 30th.